By Robert Paris – 2003

"Man, it's good to be back at it!" Brown's smile could not have been broader. He last competed in 1995 prior to his appearance in this year's 2003 Masters Olympia. He had missed competing and was excited to let loose on stage again. Brown's posing is LEGEND13.jpgamong the best in the game, so I was eager to discover the origin of his artistic posing routines. With a gleam in Brown and Danielle's eyes, I was informed the roots of his posing lay in the same spot as Ed Corney's. Ed Corney is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest posers in the history of bodybuilding, possibly the greatest. His posing has been the standard since before his appearance in "Pumping Iron." What few know is Corney learned his "Pumping Iron" posing from Clancy Ross. In the 1978 and 1979 Mr. Olympia competitions, Corney was in the best shape of his life. His popularity was at its peak. However, Corney wanted to be his own man. He decided to break from the Ross school of posing and create a different feel and posing routine. It bombed. Corney's awkward posing was noted in numerous magazines as the reason he placed out of the money in both competitions. Brown has not had that same problem. His love Danielle has been his choreographer for more than 20 years. Danielle's knowledge of dance choreography made her a good fit to create Brown's routines. She picks both the music and poses for his routine. Yet, while her dance background helped her understand choreography, bodybuilding posing was another matter. It was only with the help of an outside influence that she was able to fully-design his routine. Wayne Gallasch, of GMV Productions, sent Danielle an old video of Clancy Ross posing. From the moment Ross appeared on screen, she was mesmerized. Danielle knew instantly that was how bodybuilding posing should be. She studied the tape until it was nearly worn out. Clancy Ross' routine and poses would form the base of all of Brown's routines. It is incredible that two of the greatest posers in history are students of the Ross school of posing, yet few bodybuilding fans would ever name Clancy Ross as one of the greatest posers in history. I would love to get my hands on that video of Ross posing - it would be a chance to see the true father of Iron Age posing.